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Ambitious ventures grow through experimentation more than from applying a playbook. In each choice lies a new lesson to be learned to articulate your vision and refine its execution. Yet entrepreneurs aspire to learn from each other and remain inspired.
We publish news and stories from brilliant entrepreneurs so peers can learn fast then go out and write their own.

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Akeneo grabs $13 million to accelerate their international operations and to continue on the path to disrupt the PIM market

Partech Ventures and Alven Capital have led a $13m series-B round for French-American startup Akeneo, a provider of open-source product information management software.



The companies we most believe in

In 17 years Alven has invested in over 100 companies. Here are listed some of the finest businesses in the digital industry. For most of them the journey is only beginning.

Who we are

Our mission. Our values. Our team

Alven Capital is an independent venture investment firm with a successful track record of 4 successive funds backing more than 100 startups over 17 years. Our mission at Alven consists in 

supporting the long-term success of outstanding French digital & technology entrepreneurs

Read our Manifesto to learn more about our values.

We remain fiercely intentional in all our investments and stand by our investment thesis.

Our team is well-versed in the art and science of growing fast companies. Here are our backgrounds:

  • Guillaume Aubin Guillaume Aubin Managing Partner

    Guillaume Aubin co-founded Alven Capital with Charles Letourneur. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and IEP Paris. Guillaume joined Paribas in 1991 and worked successively in Paris, New York and London in the Corporate Finance department (M&A, IPO) for French and European companies, more particularly in the technology sector. He then developed an activity of investor in fast growing companies which led in 2000 to the creation of Alven Capital.

  • Charles Letourneur Charles Letourneur Managing Partner

    Charles Letourneur co-founded Alven Capital with Guillaume Aubin. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE, and IEP Paris. Charles joined the M&A department of Lazard in 1991 in New York, and then in Paris. In 2000, he was also appointed member of the Executive Committee of Gaz & Eaux (renamed Eurazeo). He then developed an activity of investor in fast growing companies which led in 2000 to the creation of Alven Capital.

  • Jérémy Uzan Jérémy Uzan Partner

    Fond of technologies and Internet more particularly, Jeremy Uzan started his career in the venture capital team of Société Générale Asset Management. He then spent three years as an Associate at Clipperton Finance, a Corporate Finance boutique specializing in growth companies, notably in the Internet sector. Jérémy joined Alven Capital in 2008. He holds a Master in Computer Sciences and a Master in Finance.

  • Raffi Kamber Raffi Kamber Partner

    Raffi joined Alven in 2011. He started his career as an engineer, joining Bouygues Telecom where he worked on core data networks. Prior to joining Alven, he was part of the venture capital team of the Parisian office of Gimv, a pan-European fund where he focused on tech investments. He graduated from Ensimag and holds an MBA from Insead.

  • Rodolphe Menegaux Rodolphe Menegaux Partner

    Rodolphe Menegaux holds a Master in Business Management from Paris IX Dauphine University and a Master in Finance from Brandeis University (Massachusetts). He started his career at Xange Private Equity, a prominent French VC firm, in 2003 and was promoted Partner in 2014. He was actively involved in numerous deals as principal investor and board member in the Internet and Enterprise Software fields. He joined Alven Capital as Partner in 2015.

  • François Meteyer François Meteyer Principal

    François Meteyer started his career in technologies and Internet in 2010 in the Strategy & Innovation Department of Vivendi. In 2012, he created Decovery, a community marketplace in home design that was accelerated at leCamping before being acquired by Express-Roularta Media Group in 2014. François Meteyer then managed HEC Incubator. François Meteyer graduated from EDHEC and joined Alven Capital in 2015.

  • Julie Brachilon Julie Barchilon CFO

    Julie Barchilon joined the Asset Management / OPCVM practice of the audit firm Constantin Associates in 2002. In 2005, she joined Alven Capital where she is currently in charge of Administration and Finance. Julie holds a Masters Degree in Financial Management and Taxation from La Sorbonne University in Paris.

  • Celine Ribero Céline Ribeiro Administration

    Celine Ribeiro joigned Alven Capital in 2007 after studying Business and Administration.

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